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My story

Gunvant Sharma

Founder Urjaa Fitness

Dear Audience,

I am Gunvant Sharma. Before I tell you exactly how I can help you, let me share how I started. A decade ago, I was a dancer (Many used to call me a great dancer!). However, people don’t believe it anymore.

During a rehearsal of a spectacular dance performance, I faced an injury in my back(L4 & L5 vertebras were damaged!). It was too painful. Not only unbearably physical pain, but also I could see my dream of pursuing my career as a dancer shattered in hundreds of pieces.Doctors told me that I will have to rest for 6-8 months with medication & treatment, I did that but there were no improvements.

I was discouraged. I felt helpless. I wanted to get back on track and live a meaningful life.Doctors suggested me to go through surgery and series of operations, It was scary to think of it & financially I was not strong at that time (during college days).

And one day everything changed, stopped all the medications!

I decided to take matters into my hand. Deep down inside, I knew I could help myself.When the world said, “Gunvant, you can’t live a normal fit and healthy life again. You have to take tons of medicines, you have to go for surgeries and countless meetings with medical authorities.”I wanted to prove them wrong. I was tired of feeling helpless. I hated myself looking in the mirror.I never wanted to pay any money for the useless reports and over-priced medical treatments.

So what did I do?

I started learning the body and how it functions, started to understand body science, exercise science.One of the biggest advantages I had was that I was teaching bio chemistry at that time (to IIT- NEET students ), so learning new things was pretty much exciting for me.

The more I learned, the more I got obsessed with body science.I was quite amazed to know that simply by managing hormones, food and exercise; we can see tremendous results.

You probably think, “Duh! I heard that before.”

I thought the same and I thought to give it a try. I started reading great books on health and body science. Many of them were telling the same story, but few of them blew my mind.I decided to hire health experts from all over the world. I learned from the BEST OF THE BEST in the world.I started applying the sacred and pure knowledge of what nature has offered us.

I made a few mistakes, but the results were astounding.

Take a Look….



Even I can’t believe I have done it, But I did it. On one day, I visited my old friends at a party after a long time. They could not believe the change I brought in my body.I just shared casually what I learned.I was in a light mood, but they became quite serious about knowing more.They got interested. They asked me a series of questions.

They started sharing their problems. “Hey, I am overweight. How can I lose weight?” “No matter how much I eat, I don’t gain weight.” “Don’t tell anyone but I have been going on a walk for the last 5 years, but I do not see any change. Those who have been walking with me for the last 5 years they are even worse than before.”

“I don’t want to go to the gym. Can I still be fit?” “Dieting is the last thing I want to do. It never works.” “I can’t stop eating tasty food. But I want to quit somehow.” “I am still not married; I want to look good, and you know I want to impress the girls.”

“I am only 37 years old, but I feel like I am 60 years old.” “My elder brother is 45 but he wants to look 30. Can you tell him how to look 30 in the 40s and 50s?” “ My sexual power is very low, how can i improve that?”

I was bombarded with many such questions, and I answered each of them elegantly. I shared some tips to change their lifestyle. Surprisingly, after 2 months, they contacted me again with amazement in their body.

They got surprising results.

They all told me, “Gunvant, there are hundreds of people who don’t know how to live a healthy life. You should really help people to take care of the place they are living in – Their Body.” At this moment, I realised this is why I am living in this world. That’s my destiny. I want to be known as a game-changer who shapes people and shaping the entire world.

I started teaching people how to live a healthy life by just learning the science of body, food and exercise. I started getting obsessed with the results of people.

Things started moving fast. I started becoming happier because I started hearing from people, “Gunvant, you are the reason for my healthy lifestyle. You save my money I could have wasted on medicines. You saved my relationship. You made me look a lot younger.”

I started booking more and more clients. I started creating results people call it effortless and magical.

Now me & my team provide online health consultation. In URJAA FITNESS we teach people to change their lifestyle with health education & help them to achieve their dream body.

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