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You are probably not in SHAPE because you didn’t understand your HUMAN BODY TYPE.

Since I entered into the industry of health and fitness, I have been helping people to get in shape and to lose weight.In my early days, I was trying to get 6 packs.

Initially, I was working very hard. I was doing everything that fitness experts were suggesting.One thing was keeping me awake that no matter how hard I tried to look good in the mirror, I could not notice a remarkable change.I was following rigorously.

But again, I could not see much difference.That was frustrating me. I really wanted to get shredded.Deep inside I was disappointed.I wonder, why some people are always slim even if they don’t do work out and eat as much as they want.Why some people are overweight, no matter how many workouts they do and cut down their food intake.

This curiosity led me to an interesting study.I started learning from some of the best health experts from all over the world. I went the extra mile to reach to them anyhow because I want to help my clients to get in shape and help them to feel better.

Let me share with you some of the interesting facts.Every machinery or electronic devices need a different kind of way to handle and operate them, no matter how similar they look and work.The same way, our body look the same from outside, yet each body is uniqueThat means it requires a unique understanding to help our body to function.

Then I learned a fascinating and amazing science of our body type.I came to the realization that no matter how much efforts you put to get in shape, lose fat or build muscle, you will still struggle.To avoid this struggle and frustration, let’s understand the not-so discussed topic called

‘HUMAN BODY TYPES or SOMATOTYPES. ’YES. You heard it right. Every individual human being is different from birth.

According to our metabolic rate the human body is classified into 3 different types.

1.ECTOMORPH– Have a very high metabolic rate. Their body develops so much heat, their resting metabolic rate is very high. These type of people do not store fat. They usually look slimmer even if they eat a lot. Can you remember anyone who is of this type?

2.MESOMORPH– Have an average metabolism rate. Their resting metabolic rate is average. These type of people store fat very fast if they have bad eating habits and can also lose fat up to a certain point. They lose weight suddenly if they reduce food intake and even gain weight faster if they eat more.I am a mesomorph. Can you think of anyone?

3.ENDOMORPH– Have a weak metabolic rate. Their resting metabolic rate is low. These type of people store fat very fast. Decreasing weight for this kind of people is very hard. These people struggle a lot even if they stop eating food and work out for hours. You must have seen such people.


Interesting, isn’t it?

We need to understand each category in detail to design our lifestyle.It will help you to understand how to lose and gain weight more effectively.

We cannot change our body type; we can only make the most of what mother nature gave us. It depends on our diet and exercise.My clients get the best results when they design their own fitness and diet program. It happens because they understand their body types.Why?

Because each body type has a different process of transformation.For example,We can’t apply ECTOMORPH Workout plan on MESOMORPH people.

Can you see the reason why some people fail to lose weight and get in shape?Surprisingly, most fitness experts, Gym Trainers and Nutritionists don’t know this fundamental rule.

You can’t run a car without understanding its structure and mechanism.The same way, you can’t apply the same rule of health and fitness science on everyone.

Ignoring this body science will bring negative results and sometimes leads to miserable health and lifestyle.And, if you understand how to use this science, your journey of building your ideal body will be a lot easier than you think.

That’s my bold promise.Now that you know 3 different types of body, leave your comment on your body type in the comment box below.Ask questions and I will try to answer as many as possible in the upcoming articles.

Your fitness and lifestyle trainer,

Gunvant Sharma- Owner Urjaa Fitness

Instagram- Gunvant_urjaa